Our Action Teams

ACTION TEAMS (TBD # Volunteers)


The Workforce Hub Action Teams are comprised of


    • Public advocate for the initiative.
    • Act as a sounding board for the Steering Committee.
    • Provide a fresh perspective, high-quality advice/information, input, feedback, ideas, recommendations and support to the Steering Committee.
    • Identify and communicate issues facing businesses and education.
    • Provide guidance to the Steering Committee in strategic planning, fundraising, programs, advocacy, awareness, development and decision making.


1 K-12 Education DCE School District Kristine Gilmore
2 K-12 Education Marathon School District Rick Parks
3 K-12 Education Mosinee School District Ann Schulz
4 K-12 Education Newman Catholic School District Tony Adams
5 K-12 Education Wausau School District Kathleen Williams
6 Secondary Education Northcentral Technical College Lori Weyers
7 Secondary Education Rasmussen College Sue Williams
8 Secondary Education UW – Marathon County Keith Montgomery
9 Healthcare Saint Clare’s Hospital Mary Krueger
10 Human Resources Greenheck Kathy Drengler
11 Information Technology Collaborative Consulting or RMM ? or Rimon Moses
12 Manufacturing J & D Tube Benders Tom Felch
13 Non-Profit Community Foundation Jean Tehan
14 Retail Eastbay Carrie Madson/Dowe Tillema
15 Service Olson Tire & Auto Kent Olson



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